Friday, November 21, 2014

October: Part 2

We'll just start off with Arkalalah. Since I was in charge of the state's school PR conference this year, I was able to keep from having it during Arkalalah week. Score!

As it turns out though, we didn't really partake in any Arkalalah excitement until Friday. I spent the morning finishing up Reid's Halloween costume, then we ventured downtown for the Kiddie Parade - Reid's first and possibly last. ;) It was so crowded and HOT.
 Plus, Reid totally didn't get it and couldn't have cared less. He did enjoy hanging our with Felicity before it started. =)
That evening, my parents came over and we walked back downtown to grab some food! Then later that night, we hung out with a couple friends... chatting into the wee hours.

The next day, our friends Matt and Kelly came over and we ventured over to the donut shop. Then, we met John, Anna, and adorable kiddos at the park to take their family photos and let the kids play a bit. I got basically no pictures of our fun times together, but I did get a quick shot of this stud muffin. So sweet and chill.
 After naps, we walked down a ways to catch part of the big parade. Again, it was super hot. So not appropriate hoodie-wearing Arkalalah weather.
 For real though, when did he get this big?
After the parade, we headed to Grandma Jo's for a bit. Here's Reid w/ uncle Austin, aunt Sheila, and Lily.
 Connie, Reid's daycare lady, took these. =) I just love them.

As much as I'd love the opportunity to stay home with him, I also find it hard to imagine him not going there. It's such a good fit. He loves Connie, loves his buddies there (they are awfully sweet...), and I really think it's good for him! 

My conference ended on Halloween this year, so I got back then headed to Terese's for soup and to get Reid ready. We didn't see many buddies this year, but we did see a couple before we left there! =) Aren't they cute?
Reid was Sherlock Holmes. I made the hat and the hooded cape (with help!).


I don't have a ton of pictures of Reid and I together. Most of them are from he was a teensy baby and I looked like a total hot mess. I love that Dac captured these real quick though. =) I'm a firm believer in the importance of parents getting in the pictures with their kids. Big advocate here. But I'm not always great about ensuring I make it in the frame.

After that, we headed to see Grandma Jo; Connie and John (lucky for us, Reid's buddy, Oakley the cowboy, was there too!)
Then we were off to Aunt Debbie and Kevin's where we met my mom and dad, then went to Grandma Millie and Grandpa Ed's, and finally Aunt Darla and Uncle Darin's house. It was a full night and Reid loaded up on goodies.

For funsies, here's a little throwback for ya:
So now back to the conference. I was stressed for months about this thing. It seemed like things just kept going wrong. I won't bore you with the details but I was glad to see it finally arrive... and then go. =) It turned out well, for the most part, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Here's a couple pictures from our second social event at Mosley Street Melodrama.

I treated myself to the show special drink... we saw the Halloween show and you can't really see it, but this drink was smoking! =) I also had cheesecake. What can I say.
A friend of mine and her husband put on quite a show when they were called up on stage. =) KanSPRA knows how to have a good time people.
To wrap up October... here's a little story.

Reid was eating a banana for a snack one day. I was chatting with him and said something along the lines of "Are you eating your banana? Banana's are good for you aren't they? They're good for your belly!" So then, Reid proceeds to lift his shirt and rub the banana all over his belly. He was cracking up the entire time. It was so dang funny.
Little stinker!

October: Part 1

Hello! It's me, your long lost buddy! =) Time has certainly gotten the best of me. Now that November is almost over, I'm here to recap October. October was such a crazy-busy month, there will be multiple posts. Bear with me!

We went to Eskimo Joes - then shipped this prize to our friend.

I took a shooting class with my aunt! I had shot before, with my dad, but this was my first official class. I loved it! I shot clay pigeons (which I was terrible at), shot a rifle, black powder, and finally a pistol. That was definitely what I was best at.

The rifle I used at the beginning kept jamming so I didn't hit the target much with it. BUT - then a nice gentleman let me use his personal, much fancier rifle, and that was much better, as you can see below:
 This boy. Goodness, I love him.
Early in October Reid started asking to go potty. He'd actually say "boop". haha. He did really well for probably a week and a half. Then, he just sort of lost interest.
Then, we traveled to Tulsa for my baby cousin Dori's wedding! It was great to see everyone and we had a good time! I sure missed seeing my boo and her family (oh her baby girl is just a doll!!!) though.

Reid bonded with his Nannie. =)

 Jerry Neil, Dori, and Dac lookin' up to no good.
 My dad and his sisters... Aunt Diana and Aunt Cindy.
 Here's Reid with my great Auntie Sue and Grandma B (Nannie). They're sisters.
 My Uncle Mike and Dad.
 Reid loved dancing with my aunts.
 And he got to play with sweet Lily... who looks JUST like her mama did when she was little.
 My hot date for the evening!
 Reid got wild with the ladies and got red wine spilled on him by cousin Jennifer.
 My other date and I closing down the house.

 It was also my Grandma B's 80th birthday the next day, so we all surprised her with party. =)
 Reid charmed everyone all weekend...
 But on the last day he showed his true ornery colors. ;) Here he is in time out at the restaurant.
 His first time wearing underoos.
 Trying on a cool camo hat a friend's mom made him.
After the wedding we decided Reid could start talking to Nannie once a week. So, with the exception of one crazy week, we have done just that. =) Of course Reid only chats at her for a second but then I get to take over, so that's fun.

October: Part 2 coming soon...