Thursday, April 10, 2014

4 Years

It's been 4 years since my cousin Ryan passed away. 4 years since I got that message and my heart sank to my toes. 4 years since Pancreatic Cancer snatched him too soon. 4 years... already!?

It almost feels like it was last year. But then, so much has happened and so much has changed, and, in that sense, if feels like darn near a lifetime ago.

Today, I saw a friend that's struggling with the same nasty disease. She looks great. She looks happy. She's living! She's also thin. I remember crying over pictures of Ryan being thin... and ultimately incredibly thin. I had a lump in my throat as I visited with her. Glad she's living her life and glad that Ryan is living in Heaven... completely healed... and maybe downing beer or orange julius. =) Hey, you never know.

Sometimes I remember those pictures of a frail, barely recognizable Ryan, but mostly (thankfully) I remember him looking more like this:

I'm thankful we have this photo of all the cousins together a little less than a year before he died.
There has been so many things these last 4 years I've wanted to tell him and of course it's even harder knowing that Reid doesn't know him. There's always stories though, and Lord have mercy, we have some good ones.

It's been 4 years, and I don't cry like I did then. I still think of him. I still sing DMX Party Up complete with ridiculous white boy dance moves and laugh as I picture him doing the same. I still see his shit-eating grin like he's standing right in front of me. It's been 4 years but don't you worry, there's no forgetting.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Midweek Randoms

So last week Dac made it home safe and sound. That night, we decided to blow off all house work and take a walk. It was super nice so we quickly walked to the park and let Reid play for a bit. Reid enjoyed swinging and meandering about some of the smaller-kid toys. He is just getting to be such a big boy. It was his first time in shorts in, well... months. Be still my beating heart... those little legs. ;)

Thursday was Wii night - my night to cook. I still had a bunch of peppers and salsa makings, etc... so I made fajitas, tomatillo-pineapple salsa, guacamole, and... a chocolate pound cake. =) Note to future self: quit trying to be one of the cool kids and make meals like that on a work night. Just throw something in the crock pot and call it a day. Seriously.

Friday, we went out to eat with Dac's family. Saturday, I had to work out of town for an awards event. Sunday, I went to OKC to see my old roomies Julie and Beth. I sure do love them. We had a good time eating lunch at Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar - they make EVERYTHING from scratch and it was pretty dang tasty. I'll definitely be going back. Then, we just hung out and ate no-bake cookies - catching up on what has been some pretty eventful few months. I hate that I didn't get any pictures... again. I just didn't even have my phone out. Too much conversing to do in such a little time. On the way back, I spent an hour behind an accident. It was raining and was not the only one I saw, but it was a big one. =/
Monday, Sky came over. We made some stuffed cheese breadsticks that were pretty quick, easy, and tasty (better weeknight meal option) and thought of ideas for her art project.

Who else finds these things t-totally-terrifying?
 This is a horrible picture but Reid had been sitting on Sky's lap all nice and still-like so I thought, what the heck, I better get a picture. By the time I got there, he was jumping down and making a getaway with the iPad.
#jackisback. That's right. 24 - one of my all time favorite shows is making a comeback as a mini series next month. Get excited!
Last night, Dac and I made a spontaneous decision to head to Ponca to eat and go to Lowe's. We're getting closer to having the spare bathroom done. Not close yet... but closer. =) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Midweek Randoms

Last Wednesday, I had an eye appt. I go every two years and it's my favorite type of appt. to go to. First, the doctor is super nice. Second, I have healthy eyes and good vision. It's the only appt. I go to where I hear something like "you're in tip top health, you see like a hawk, and if my day was full of patients like you, I'd be broke!" Usually, it's something more like "Hey Alisha, great to see you... thanks for sending me and my family to Hawaii last month!" =)

That evening I had a church meeting (staff-parish relations) and to be quite honest, I didn't want to go because there was a lot going on that day. But... I went and had a good time. This committee always seems to have a good time together.

Later, Kelly came by for a visit! =) She and some of her family were in Kansas visiting family an hour-ish away so she made her way to town to see Matt's family and us. We're glad she did!

Thursday was a bad day for Reid. He had several meltdowns at daycare and one super bad one in particular right before I got there to pick him up. Nothing seemed to make him happy and Connie was concerned because that's just not like him. We got home and I started noticing him feeling warm. Sure enough - low grade fever. He continued to eat as normal, etc... but was still not himself for the remainder of the night. He woke up early with a fever again Friday morning so to be safe, I kept him home.  He acted better but slept quite a bit. He never did show any other symptoms except crankiness and drool, so best I can tell it was teething related.

 Straw cup.
Since I was home Friday, I got some laundry/cleaning done and even made potato soup and bread. mmmm.
That night, I went to an essential oils class. I was fairly familiar with the general concept of using oils but had a lot of questions about it. It seemed complicated and kind of hokey but I was definitely interested and after the class, I was sold. It's basically just taking medicine back to its roots (haha, literally). Certainly, we'll still go to the doctor and use medicine as necessary but I'm hoping oils will help in treating day-to-day issues (teething, headaches, allergies, etc...) and hopefully by using them we can prevent some things. I'm expecting my kit to be here today or tomorrow and I'm excited to give it a shot.

By Saturday, Reid was back to his usual self. Sweet and happy as can be. =)
He and I ran to Target that morning to stock up on some essentials.
Then we had a maternity session that evening so Val came over to babysit. Then we had Braum's. =) Duh.

Sunday, we went to church then to Sonic for a coke date with Kayla and Felicity. =) That afternoon, Dac left for a conference in Manhattan and Terese had invited me over for supper, so away we went.

Monday, Reid and I went for a walk after supper. It was so nice out.
In no time, he had his shoes off and was talking at the top of his lungs for all the neighborhood to hear. =)
Speaking of which, we now have neighbors! =) We live on the corner and the house next to us has been empty for years. A young couple with a 6-month old baby has been fixing it up for several months and have officially moved in. They seem very nice.

After our walk, we played before bed. =)
Tuesday, I ate Hamburger Shack for the the first in years. It didn't disappoint.
Reid got his hair cut. It's been since right before Christmas when he got his last one so it was way overdue.
Reid also had his first real experience with Easter eggs. =) He insisted on opening every. single. one. He is so busy and driven.

Dac comes back today and we're excited to see him! =)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Midweek Randoms/Catch Up

Whoa. We have lots of catching up to do folks. I've missed a few midweek random posts so I'm going to try and load this post full of the past month's activities. I won't do a play by play but I'll at least hit some major things.

First, after tons of thought, worry, and prayer, I applied for a new PR job. A job that would have required a move (not too far away, but a major adjustment none-the-less).There was around 75 people that applied, 5 of us were interviewed, and I believe I was a top runner but, ultimately, didn't get the job. I prayed that God would clearly open or clearly close a door and close it He did. =) Here's a couple crappy selfies from interview day. ;) This was me trying to get a second opinion on whether I looked ok. haha.

 First time straightening my hair in months!
 A couple weeks ago we went to church then enjoyed brunch as a family at Bricks. By the time we got home, Reid was tuckered out.

Also a couple weeks ago, we attended the retirement reception for a colleague. She's someone we really respect. She has pancreatic cancer and I think you probably already know I feel about that topic. =/ It was a great reception though with lots of good stories and hearty laughs.
 I made this out of bountiful basket produce. Buttered fettuccine with sauteed mushrooms and kale (blach) alongside a salad. I'm trying here people.

 I went to an old friend's baby shower. She's finally having that girl after a string of boys. =) The next day, I went on a shopping date with Kayla to buy spring clothes for our kiddos. We had a great time.
 Oh goodness, I love this boy.
This month there's been times I really wish I could be closer to some important people in my life. Sometimes it seems hard to mourn and help out in bad times and celebrate in good times when there's distance involved. Sigh.

Last week was our Spring Break so we got a couple days off. Thursday, we went to the zoo. Here's Reid gearing up for the big day.
 We brought Sky along too.
 We went in the morning and it was super chilly and windy. Also - hardly any animals were out and active. =( Fail.

 We still had a good time hanging out together though and by the time we left it had warmed up a lot.
 Reid even had hot little piggies that demanded to be free of socks and shoes.
 He is such a busy, busy boy.
 Our house is never short on shenanigans with these two. ;)
 That evening we had Wii Night. It was fun and the kids were pretty good.
 Love these photos I stole during nap time the next morning.

That evening we went to Wichita for a family session. We shot the couple's engagement session and wedding a few years ago. They are so nice. They now have a little girl who just turned one. =) After photos, we had a date night. We ate at Bella Luna (even enjoyed our food while it was still warm... mind blowing, ha!) and stopped by Home Depot before heading home. We had a great time!
 Ornery stinker.
Saturday, Dac and his dad worked to insulate our bathroom we've been remodeling for years. haha. We're getting closer! =) Anyway, while they did that, Val, Reid, and I went to Stillwater and ate at Joe's. It was Reid's first experience there.


 Of course he needed a new shirt. =)
Val also let me give her the tour of town and campus, so that was fun. =)

I washed and ironed our family room curtains over the weekend. Not my most favorite task.
 More bountiful basket concoctions. I've been in a pasta mood lately. This is butternut squash mac-n-cheese
 Reid loves to brush his teeth in the tub. =) He takes it very seriously.
Our Bible study on making love last is over now. We enjoyed it. I'm sure there's more to share but hey, this is a start. =)